Healing My Mind and Body (Part 4)

Why do I share all this? Because the journey isn’t over. It’s interesting working in the fitness industry. Diet trends come and go. Weight loss can be a big focus, as can achieving a certain body composition or “look”. I have known people with goals of really changing their bodies. There are competitions, transformation pictures on the walls, and engrained focus on calorie expenditure. As an industry we can applaud the outside appearance so much that we miss the importance of what’s going on INSIDE. Below are some takeaways which I hope are insightful and encouraging. 

I learned that if I try to fight my genetics, to achieve a look that I was not designed to have, I will be white-knuckling my way through life indefinitely. There are no such things as “good” and “bad” genes when it comes to body types. When we comment that someone has “good” genes because they can eat whatever they want and still stay thin, we need to seriously evaluate our outlook on body types. I think there are some things ingrained in our culture that give us prejudices toward and against certain body types. We must be so careful how we talk and think about these things. Time to re-frame. 

Wrapping this up next week..

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