I cannot say enough good things about Level Up! The classes are all great workouts and the instructors are amazing! Kara, Diane and Crystal are all encouraging, enthusiastic and fun! I love that I can get a great workout in without having to leave my house. I take all the classes and I try to incorporate them all into my weekly schedule. I don't know how I ever lived without these ladies and the workouts they provide! ” - Marcy Parker
Level Up! Something I didn’t know I needed in my life but am ever so glad I found it! I love the energy and positive vibes of not only the instructors but the community members! I love being able to connect, push each other and uplift! I am ever so glad Level Up came into my life! I have found a new love, cycling, and met some amazingly talented ladies!” - Megan Gehring
I have been a member of Level Up since our community gym closed earlier this year. I cannot say enough great things about this group. I love the variety of classes that are offered, I am able to get the best full body workouts! I look forward to every class I take with this amazing group. Kara, Crystal, and Diane are always so positive and encouraging. They make working out fun! Their passion for group fitness is truly inspiring. I am so thankful to be part of this wonderful group!” - Jen Lambert
For me it is important to be held accountable and I get that with Level Up. I feel seen and acknowledged. I feel encouraged to give more than if I work out alone. I appreciate the positivity and words of wisdom from all three instructors. It is not just about the workout but the self care and the message that I am worth the work it takes to have a healthy body. Level Up is a must for me. It is the camaraderie of others that keeps me working at 100% rather than letting myself quit because I am tired or hot or not in the mood. I love the changes that all the instructors: Kara, Diane, and Crystal, make all the time to keep my mind working and attentive. Every workout is not rote but designed. And I love the music! I highly recommend this program.” - Lorie A. Stevens
Level Up Fitness provides everything I value in a fitness center - high quality workouts, a variety of classes, thoughtfully designed workouts that challenge me and simultaneously have strategic modification options, and instructors who foster a sense of community and value each member.” - Suzanne Jensen
I so love being a Level Up member! I love starting my morning with the Level Up community because it starts the day off the right way. Not only does it help keep me physically healthy, the classes also incorporate elements to help me better myself mentally, boosting my confidence and mental clarity throughout the day. The days I start with Level Up always seem to go more smoothly! I particularly enjoy the cycling and full body strength classes, but I am looking forward to doing some of the others soon with this great community of people. Thank you so much for providing this amazing community!” - Dawn Morales
What do you do when one of your favorite outdoor activities is riding your bicycle on the road or trails but you live in Oregon where you only get a few days that it's not raining, too hot to safely ride, or the smoke from wildfires is too thick to breathe? Ride with Level Up Cycle and Fitness in the comfort of your home. The trainers provide great motivation and challenging rides. The music is always fun (sometimes they can even get us to spin on the correct beat). Equipment and skill level don't matter. If you can't make it to the live classes, do a recorded class at your schedule. After completing the challenging workouts, the next time you need to pedal two wheels to the top of Rex Hill, it will seem easy.” - Gregg Scholz
I have been cycling with Level Up for a year now. Even through the crazy obstacles this year has thrown, they have done everything to make sure they still provide quality and fun workouts! I love that they not only teach the classes, but also take time to build relationships with everyone in the class. I have loved my experience with Level Up and can't wait to keep working with them towards my goals!” - Karly Knauss
Level Up provides amazing classes! I am so grateful for the instructors and the opportunity to still be able to workout together. They push me, and I really need this!” - Brynn Kuehne
Level Up Cycle and fitness provides a variety of top-notch fitness classes that are accessible to everyone, from someone starting their fitness journey to experienced athletes. Kara, Diane and Crystal are skilled fitness instructors who deliver excellent classes and always strive to help each individual get their best workout. Level Up has become a community of support during a time when we all needed personal connection, motivation and support. All are welcome!” - Leslie Brittell