Healing My Mind and Body (Part 3)

About a year in, I happened to break my hand (at the gym of all places—ha!) And needed surgery. I was forced to take a few weeks off from any exercise. Talk about practicing trust and letting go. However it was that very month that I got pregnant with my son. God’s mercy. He forced me to slow enough so that my body could actually conceive. I still look at the scar on my hand and am reminded in a beautiful way of God’s love and grace. At one of my last appointments with my therapist I got to share with her that I was expecting. 

Today I still try to practice what I learned in counseling. Intuitive eating is huge. I have learned to honor my hunger and respect my fullness. I still love the feeling of challenging workouts but I am constantly reminding myself of what is a reasonable amount. I also make sure I take days to rest and not exercise. 

More next week...

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