Healing My Mind and Body (Part 2)

When my husband and I tried to start a family we quickly realized it would be a longer road for us. Due to my unhealthy habits I wasn’t having a menstrual cycle. This and a few other events around that time served as a wake up call for me. I remember God was so real and present with me at that time…He whispered to me, “I have something better for you than this”. I clung to that. He was gently telling me it was time to level up. I got in touch with a therapist and began a very hard but healing journey. 

It was like jumping off a cliff. At one point I described the experience to my therapist as a feeling of getting up on water skis. At first you just hold onto the rope in faith. You can’t see a thing. Water is spraying you in the face and it’s uncomfortable. You’re just waiting for the moment when you pop up and can finally see, breathe and experience the freedom and the beauty around you. I am so grateful I had access to professional help. I will never forget the love and kindness God showed me during that process. 

More next week...

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