We Are What We Consume

We are what we consume. Yes, this applies to what we put in our physical bodies, of course. What we physically consume literally becomes integrated into the building blocks that make up our organs and body chemistry. It’s important to be mindful of how we choose to nourish our physical selves. 

But what about other things we “consume”? What about media, images, music and literature? What about the company we spend time with? What we surround ourselves with we consume to some extent. What we consume we become, at least in part. And what we become we eventually exude.  

So while there is always room for balance (just as there is with food), this is an invitation to us all to evaluate what we choose to spend our time consuming every day. If we’re regularly listening to a cynical and sarcastic talk show or podcast we might lean just a little more toward cynical sarcasm. If we consistently choose music with angry lyrics  it’s certainly not going to promote kindness in our own thinking and behavior. Spending time around people who are negative, or okay with gossiping and dishonoring others in the way they speak might just make us more okay with gossip and negative talk ourselves. 

Today I’m asking myself: Does what I consume reflect the kind of person I want to be from the inside out? I am consuming things that promote positivity, kindness, and align with my values?  In a world where we are literally “consuming” all day, let’s be intentional and sensitive to what we’re filling up with because that’s what we’re going to pour back out into our families, our communities and beyond.