Do It Scared!

I can’t take credit for this phrase--I have heard and seen it several times from my friend and business partner Diane Kenney. But during the past several months I have returned to it over and over. I figured I’d share how this phrase has been important to me.  

A couple months ago I got in my car and drove to downtown Newberg with the intention of connecting with other small businesses about Level Up. I parked and sat in my car for a moment. I have NEVER enjoyed asking people for anything, especially money. The “talking to people and connecting” part of this sounded really fun. The “asking for sponsorship or partnership” was a bit mortifying.  I took a deep breath and began walking toward the business fronts.   

I visited about five local businesses that day and told them about our studio and campaign. I purposely chose businesses I respected or had personal connections to. Walking in the doors, my heart fluttered. Funny thing, though--I had different experiences and conversations in each place. And I always walked out the door...okay. I was still okay. Talk about empowering. I was learning that I could approach something super scary, and even if rejection was the result I, as a person, would be alright.  

“Doing it scared” doesn’t mean doing something challenging with no good reason. But if we KNOW something is right, if we wholeheartedly believe in it, then we can hold onto that. In fact, sometimes it might be wrong of us NOT to do it. 

Many pieces involved with opening a business have been scary. In part because it’s a learning curve but also because the deeper we go the higher the stakes become. Signing on the dotted lines, promoting, investing time and money...I/we are doing it scared. But we are also doing it with conviction.  

What are you doing with conviction, despite some measure of fear? I’d love to hear about it. What are you on the fence about? Is it time to take that leap of faith? 



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