The Five Second Rule

About a year ago my husband and I stumbled upon a Ted Talk by Mel Robbins titled, “How to stop screwing yourself over”. The next day I just had to share the revolutionary idea of this talk with my spin…

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Why Not Me?

Maybe I’m late to the party, but in my mid thirties I’m finally learning how to get out of my own way. Anyone else familiar with imposter syndrome? That feeling of, “I don’t belong here...I’m not good/smart/talented/gritty/competent enough?” When big…

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A pastor friend once said in a sermon, “we don’t drift toward excellence”. When you stop to think about it, this is so true. How does this practically apply to the way we live? We’ve got to prioritize the things…

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Level Up

It was quite fun and occasionally hilarious when Diane, Crystal and I were trying to come up with a name for our new fitness group and business. It had to be catchy but also really needed to reflect our vision…

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Grit Can Be Grown 

Grit. It’s the ability to get through/stick with something long term. I always thought of grit as a genetically determined trait. It wasn’t until I read the book Grit by Angela Duckworth that I was introduced to the idea of…

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Food & Shame

Someday I will share with you about my personal journey of healing my relationship with food. But in light of some things I hear time and again in the fitness industry I wanted to take this week to remind you…

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Hustle. It’s a buzz word right now. According to the Mirrian-Webster Dictionary, the word “hustle” means “to devote serious and sustained effort”. I like the idea of hustling--working hard--to attain a goal. 

But there are times when we definitely need…

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The Spoken Word 

According to mental conditioning expert Trevor Moawad, the spoken word has ten times more power than just the thought alone. 

If the thought is negative and spoken aloud, it can become 40-70 times more powerful. 

Our thoughts matter and we…

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What are we believing about ourselves today? I ask my class participants this question quite often. Is what we are believing actually truth? How do we speak about and to ourselves, both internally and out loud? 

A sweet friend of…

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I heard a researcher interviewed recently (wish I remembered her name!) who said that if you want to establish a new habit, make getting to it “frictionless”. Basically make it as convenient to get to that thing as possible. Workouts…

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My husband was working at our rental and sent me a picture of this dogwood, which has to be at least 13 years old. Our rental was the first house we lived in and owned and we had planted this…

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You're Already Doing It!

I'd love to start sharing some nuggets with you all...things I have learned myself or am in the process or learning. We're all about fitness here and I think we can agree it's not just the physical. So here goes…

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